Vamos Niños: Play to Learn, our mobile museum and resource center will be a place that connects families to resources as they engage with their children in a fun-filled space designed for play, exploration and learning. We recognize that early childhood resources are not distributed equally, and that challenges such as limited public transportation and high poverty are barriers to access. The mobile museum will travel throughout Doña Ana County, and is intended to bring access not only to the more populated regions, but particularly to underserved rural areas and colonias. We are hopeful that Vamos Niños will be rolling by fall of 2022!

Vamos Niños is a part of the children’s museum project that came about as a result of Ngage New Mexico’s broader work in education and the Early Childhood Coalition, part of the SUCCESS Partnership, a prenatal-career-initiative in Doña Ana County, and will utilize the broad relationships with our partners and community at large to create a space that embodies the uniqueness of southern New Mexico. Our children’s museum project has two phases: the first is Vamos Niños, our mobile unit. The second phase will be a brick and mortar museum, currently in development with the City of Las Cruces. The potential impact of the children’s museum is enormous, and our community is ready for it.

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Vamos Niños will not be possible without the support of our community. Please consider making a gift to help us reach our goal of launching by the end of 2022!

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